About Us

What We Do

Our goal is to make your fundraiser successful. We do this by providing online promotion of your race through multiple race listings & cross promotions with our other events. We provide a sounding board for ideas you have to make your race better and we can share with you what we have seen work with other races as well. Whether you are a first time race director or a seasoned professional, we are here to help every step of the way not just time your race.

Many of our customers are seasoned runners, but many have never ran a 5K or 10K much less a half-marathon or marathon. We are happy to sit down with you and help you no matter what your level of experience with planning events. Our job is to help you make your mile, 2mile, 5k, 10k, half-marathon, marathon, ultra, mud run, challenge course, or other race the best fundraiser you have ever had.

From foot races to stock car races, the Hudson’s have been racing since well…none of us can really remember when we weren’t racing. Some of my earliest memories are going to dirt track races to watch my dad, uncles, cousins,  and best of all, my grandpa race. They spent hours working on their cars and trying to get every little advantage, within the rules of course, to win a race. 

 Well, as time went on, gas and tires went up and the budget went down. So the next generation has started trading in their tires for shoes. We compete in basketball, volleyball, track, cross country, soccer and just about anything else we could find someone to play against . Nothing has changed about wanting to win though. Our philosophy is “If you don’t keep score, what’s the point?” So that’s just what we are doing.

 In the spring of 2014, we started timing races. We know what it is like to try to do things on a budget that is tight, so we are priced so you can have professional timing at an affordable rate.  Like everything else we do, we want to be the best timing service money can buy. Contact us to see how we can serve you with your next racing event.